New in SimpleAnalyzer™: Survey Risk Tool

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Prepare for a more successful, less painful survey We’re pleased to announce our new SimpleAnalyzer™ Survey Risk Tool, designed to guide you toward a more successful, less painful survey. The new functionality is available to all current SimpleAnalyzer™ users.  The Survey Risk Tool uses approximately 100 risk indicators from each MDS … Read More

[On-demand webinar] What you need to know about the MDS 3.0 for October 1, 2020

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During this webinar, we’ll take a closer look at the updates to the MDS 3.0 Item Sets that will be used in LTC facilities beginning October 1, 2020.  We’ll also explore what the Interdisciplinary Team needs to do now to prepare for MDS Item Set completion during FY2021. [On-demand webinar] … Read More

No MDS 3.0 v1.18.1, but there will be MDS 3.0 v1.17.2

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Below is a repost of a Briggs article written by Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP, Clinical Consultant, Briggs Healthcare. Yes, you read that right.  CMS posted the draft version of the MDS 3.0 Item Set that we were to start using October 1, 2020 but a couple of events in particular prompted CMS … Read More

Texas SNFs: Nursing facility MDS authorization extensions

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This just in for Texas skilled nursing facilities: Announced on TMHP’s LTC page, the NF eligibility, MN, and the current RUG will be extended for 90 days.  They are encouraging providers to complete MDS’ as soon as possible. Guidance to Nursing Facility Providers The Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) … Read More

CMS delays release of the Oct 2020 MDS item set

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In response to stakeholder concerns, CMS is delaying the MDS 3.0 v1.18.1 release, which had been scheduled for Oct 1, 2020. CMS posted a draft of the MDS 3.0 item set v1.18.0 in Dec 2019, causing distress across the industry. In return, CMS stated: We would like to thank the … Read More