Maximize Florida Quality Incentive Payments

Gain control over FL Quality Incentive Payment (QIP) metrics

Maximize reimbursement for your facilities participating in the Florida Quality Incentive Payment (QIP) program. Florida analytics in SimpleLTC provide easy access to predictive data within your quality measures. Real-time metrics include resident data up to your most recently submitted MDS assessments. Now you can accurately estimate your Florida QIP performance and quickly identify opportunities to improve reimbursement and clinical outcomes.

With SimpleLTC's analytics, you can...

  • Predict Florida QIP quality measures by facility
  • View company and facility summaries of calculations
  • Analyze individual quality incentive metrics & performance levels
  • Compare target goals, 75th percentile, and state averages
  • Identify opportunities to improve quality incentive payments
  • Drill down to resident-level QM assessment data

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