PBJ file submission and reporting is simple

Are you ready for some PBJ?

New Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) requirements for SNFs are now in effect. But with SimpleLTC, one thing you won’t need to stress about is PBJ file submission and reporting.

With SimpleConnect™, you can easily submit your PBJ .XML files to CMS and download/manage all PBJ-related reports. Request your free demo today.

Easily manage PBJ submission and reporting with SimpleConnect™

Here’s your simple, affordable solution to managing PBJ file submission and reporting. With SimpleConnect, you can:

  • Easily submit your PBJ files to CMS
  • Automatically confirm proper XML format
  • Retrieve final validations and reports
  • Track all your data in a simple dashboard
  • Manage multiple facilities

simpleltc-pbj-affordableMore than 2,500 SNFs already use SimpleConnect for CMS file submission. It’s simple, fast and surprisingly affordable.

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