Get your MDS 3.0 certification at a special discounted price

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MDS 3.0 certification from Relias Learning/AIS

Act now to get your MDS 3.0 certification at special pricing

As a service to our customers and members, SimpleLTC and Texas Medicaid Coalition have partnered with Relias to bring you MDS 3.0 certification training at a special discounted price.

The Certified MDS Assessment Coordinator (CMAC) certification is a web-based, self-paced learning program offered by the MDS experts at Relias. It has been developed to offer you industry-recognized certification, demonstrating your proficiency in the RAI assessment tools and care planning.


  • More cost-effective
  • Access to course material 24x7x365
  • No annual membership
  • Keeps you current with annual re-certification

Special limited-time pricing

 $350.00   $299

Learn more and register

36 Comments on “Get your MDS 3.0 certification at a special discounted price”

  1. I have a few questions. 1) Can I enroll privately and pay on my own or does it have to be through my facility of work. 2) Do you get the CEU upon completing the MDS courses or when you pass the exam. 3) Is there an extra cost to take the exam or is it inclded in this discount price.

    1. Hi Karen — 1) Yes, you can enroll privately and pay privately. 2) You get the CEU certificate upon completion of each course. You get the CMAC certification at the completion of the entire curriculum. 3) Everything for certification is included in this price. There is no final certification exam. Each course has a short exam and you must pass all exams at 80% or higher. Once you complete all required courses, you will earn the CMAC. (There is an annual recertification fee.)

  2. Are there any additional discounts available for multiple participants within the same company?

    1. Hi Marissa — Per Relias, there are no additional discounts available for multiple people, unless your company has a contract with Relias that covers all employees.

  3. Hi I’m trying to do the training on my smart phone or Kindle, but stats the plug in is not supported, do you know what plug in is being used?

    1. Hi Tracy — Per Relias, the programs are not currently mobile-compatible, but they are working toward supporting mobile devices in the next few months.

    1. That’s up to Relias since the training is offered through their company, but I believe they intend to offer it at least through the end of May.

    1. Hi Venus — SimpleLTC does not offer MDS certification but you can find out about the Relias certification program here. They are offering a discount to SimpleLTC subscribers/customers, which you can access here.

  4. Hello. Is this a work at your own pace education, busy complete within 6 months? The final tests are done on your own within a set amount of time completing the class? Are their specific requirements to take the class?

  5. Hi, I just quit my job ,how will I enroll privately and I’m also due to take the test on December , pls. Advice,Thank you!

  6. I currently am employed by a company that used relias learning . How can I get my certification? I am in the process of taking all the mds courses now.

  7. I am needing to print my CMAC certification. I worked for Sava Senior care and they sold in August. I am really needing this for another job.
    Please help.
    Jeri Lynn Craddock LVN
    license # 091102
    I completed this course in April of this year.

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