Many nursing home providers using sign-on bonuses to attract, retain workers

Ken BellLTC News

McKnights (08/02/2022) – With turnover up 25% this year compared with last year, many nursing home providers are using sign-on bonuses to attract and retain workers, according to survey results shared as part of the 45th annual Nursing Home Salary & Benefits Report released Thursday by Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service.

“More than 50% of participants pay a sign-on bonus to attract new employees, along with the significant pay increases we’re seeing,” HCS Director of Reports Rosanne Zabka told the McKnight’s Business Daily.

Average sign-on bonuses this year were $4,566 for registered nurses, $3,494 for licensed practical nurses and $2,146 for certified nursing assistants, according to the report. The survey included a question about sign-on bonuses this year to reflect changes made in recruitment since COVID-19 arrived in long-term care in early 2020. Full story »