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Boomers, millennials and the long-term care divide

Many of the nation’s Millennials think their boomer parents are doing a lousy job planning for their long-term care needs, according to a new survey from Genworth Financial (a leading seller of long-term care insurance policies).

RIP traditional long-term-care insurance

While I was growing up, my grandfather became, and continues to be, one of the greatest role models of my life. With that being said, he wasn't perfect and didn't have all of the answers. Unfortunately, after investing in long-term-care insurance for 20 years, my grandfather passed away only 20 days into his elimination period.

Being underweight increases dementia risk, while obesity reduces it, study finds

Past research has associated obesity with increased risk of dementia. But a new study - deemed the largest ever to assess the link between body mass index and dementia risk - suggests obesity could actually be a protective factor against the condition, while people who are underweight may be at increased risk.

Obama administration report slams digital health records

The Obama administration took vendors of electronic health records to task for making it costly and cumbersome to share patient information and frustrating a $30 billion push to use digital records to improve quality and cut costs.

Long-term care insurance costs rise, especially for women

The overall costs for long-term care insurance have increased 8.6 percent compared to last year, according to the 2015 Long-Term Care Consumer Price Index. The research reviewed costs for both men and women at varying age levels who are currently paying for or are interested in purchasing long-term care insurance.

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