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Reading the stars: Nursing home quality star ratings, nationally and by state

About 1.3 million people receive care each day in over 15,500 nursing homes in the United States that are certified by either Medicaid or Medicare or both. The federal government requires nursing homes to meet minimum standards as a condition of Medicare and Medicaid payment. Over the years, serious concerns have been raised about the quality of nursing home care and the adequacy of oversight and enforcement.

‘Cost of care’ put at $91,250

Providers may be under increased reimbursement restraints, but consumers might have a hard time believing it. The median charge for a private room in a skilled care facility exceeds $90,000 a year, a new survey finds.

Hospitals select preferred SNFs to improve post-acute outcomes

Last year, Banner Health officials investigated the operations, culture and quality of care at nearly 100 skilled-nursing facilities in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

Perception of US care for the dying worsens

Surveys of loved ones who lost elderly relatives show that the perception of the quality of care for the dying in the United States has worsened over the last decade.

End-of-life care and resident choice

The one mantra the long-term care (LTC) industry is trying so hard to memorize these days is “resident-centered care.” In my view, that should mean that the care plan stems from the resident’s needs and wishes—that the resident is always given the power of choice.

CMS plan would completely overhaul Medicaid managed care

Over the next few weeks, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is expected to unveil an ambitious and comprehensive policy-making effort that promises to completely transform and radically overhaul the Medicaid managed care marketplace.

Combination annuity/long-term care sales soar

While the costs of traditional long-term care (LTC) insurance have skyrocketed to prohibitively expensive levels, a new superstar LTC product has emerged—sales of combination annuity-LTC contracts are soaring, making this the next hot product trend to hit the markets.

Guidelines for purchasing a long-term care facility

Transactions within the senior care industry are at an all-time high. There are many different buyer profiles looking to invest and each one has a different method for measuring ROI.