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SimpleLTC: Long-term care software people love to use™

Improving Five Star, QMs and reimbursement has never been so simple.


Better data.

Achieve real-time quality improvement with predictive analytics based on your most recent MDS transmissions.


Better workflow.

Streamline MDS + PBJ transmission and CMS reporting, while improving security and eliminating VPN hassles.


Better results.

Quickly identify negative trends and correct errors in real time, before they affect your reimbursement and QMs.

“When I saw the new dashboard analytics, I truly got so excited. It’s simply one of the BEST programs I’ve ever seen.”


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With SimpleLTC, you can:

  • Improve 5-Star ratings and quality measures
  • Simplify MDS + PBJ transmission
  • Identify and correct problems in real time
  • Simplify CASPER reporting
  • Optimize reimbursement
  • Improve overall quality of care

Our solutions are affordable, with no long-term contracts, and you can try any product free for 30 days.

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SimpleLTC: A Briggs Healthcare Company

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