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Quickly improve Five-Star, QMs
and reimbursement with
MDS analytics

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SimpleAnalyzer™ gives you actionable MDS data to make decisions in real time — no more waiting months for CMS data. Reduce rehospitalizations and improve quality measures with predictive analytics.

SimpleAnalyzer™ lets you optimize and “scrub” your MDS 3.0 data in real time, right up to your most recent MDS batch. Now you can easily improve accuracy and quality, while maximizing reimbursement.

  • Quickly improve 5-Star and quality ratings
  • Achieve real-time quality improvement
  • Automatically analyze MDS data prior to submission
  • Improve MDS control and accuracy

SimpleLTC: A Briggs Healthcare Company

Get trusted Briggs forms
electronically inside
your EMR system

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eBriggs® is a complete package of the same Briggs forms you know and love — in electronic format for use in your EMR system. Always trusted, always compliant, always Briggs.

eBriggs works inside your EMR to solve your clinical documentation needs while removing the pain of keeping up with regulatory changes. Briggs does the work, you enjoy the benefits.

  • Trusted Briggs forms integrated into your EMR
  • Clinical- and regulatory-compliant forms, always up to date
  • Survey teams are familiar with Briggs forms
  • Custom and state-specific forms available

eBriggs: Documentation solutions for your EMR system

It’s simpler and more affordable than you think.

Yes, you can improve compliance, workflow, and quality… simply and affordably

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