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CMAC MDS 3.0 certification

As a service to our customers and members, SimpleLTC and Texas Medicaid Coalition have partnered with Relias to bring you MDS 3.0 certification training.

What is CMAC?

The Certified MDS Assessment Coordinator (CMAC) certification program has been developed to offer you industry-recognized certification, demonstrating your proficiency in the RAI assessment tools and care planning. CMAC is the only industry certification that requires certificate holders to stay current with CMS legislative changes on an annual basis.

The educational and technology systems from Relias provide an industry-leading certification with credibility, value, and ease of use.


  • More cost-effective
  • Access to course material 24x7x365
  • No annual membership
  • Keeps you current with annual re-certification
  • The CMAC certification training program was developed by well-known long-term care industry expert Ron Orth.
  • Ron Orth, Relias

More info on CMAC

Anyone can enroll in the CMAC program; it is not limited to RNs. To learn more about the benefits of CMAC certification, click here.

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