New SimpleAnalyzer™ Function Scores report drives dramatically improved resident outcomes

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Are you aware that CMS calculates functional outcomes scores immediately upon submission of a resident’s 5-day assessment? Did you know that SimpleLTC uses machine learning algorithms to present those scores in real-time?  The new SimpleAnalyzer™ Function Scores report provides insight into residents’ admission, expected, and discharge scores within minutes of … Read More

Getting the most out of SimpleLTC’s Function Scores report

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The SimpleLTC Function Scores report utilizes machine learning algorithms to provide insight into residents’ admission, expected, and discharge scores within minutes of MDS transmission. This allows caregivers to plan for success by comparing actual performance against expected goals and identifying gaps in care, based on past performance. Get the most … Read More

Section GG functional outcomes: How to get the real story

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Outcome measures tell a story, but do we really know the story we are telling? All post-acute care providers are finally speaking the same language and have a story to tell. SNFs have reported Section GG outcomes (aka, Therapy Report Card) to CMS since 2016. How do your outcomes stand … Read More

NEW: 7 QRP-based QMs in SimpleAnalyzer™

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SimpleLTC is excited to announce that we’ve added 7 new QRP-based quality measures in SimpleAnalyzer™. You can now analyze and track the following QRP QMs… S001 – Functional Assessment/Care Plan S002 – Percent of Residents or Patients with Pressure Ulcers That Are New/Worsened S007 – Drug Regimen Review S013 – … Read More