Coronavirus commission for safety and quality in nursing homes – Members announced

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In mid-May of this year, I blogged about CMS announcing a call for nominations for the new contractor-led Coronavirus Commission on Safety and Quality in Nursing Homes “to help inform immediate and future responses to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) within these facilities. This independent Commission’s work will build on the Administration’s … Read More

National NH training session: Clinical care – Managing COVID positive residents

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Clinical Care: Managing COVID Positive Residents The June 18, 2020 National Nursing Home Training Call (4th in the series): Clinical Care: Managing COVID-Positive Residents was a great session!  If you missed the session, want to experience it again and/or share the information with a colleague or your team, here’s the webpage with those materials: … Read More

COVID-19 nursing home data posted for week ending June 7, 2020

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CMS has posted COVID-19 Nursing Home data submitted for week ending June 7, 2020.  This dataset was last updated June 18, 2020 In addition to the above, there are a number of maps and graphics related to resident cases and deaths on this webpage as well as a wealth of … Read More

On-demand webinar: Navigating the PBJ chaos

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Changes implemented during the COVID-19 public health emergency have impacted PBJ reporting – from the May 15 deadline waiver to the public publishing of average daily staffing totals. These changes have led to confusion across the skilled nursing industry, with many wondering: Will I eventually need to submit Jan 1-Mar … Read More

FDA, CMS, CDC and OIG COVID-19 updates for 1st 2 weeks of June 2020

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CDC updated the following COVID-19 guidance during the 1st two (2) weeks of June: Using Telehealth to Expand Access to Essential Health Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic How to Wear Cloth Face Coverings Updated Clinical Questions about COVID-19: Questions and Answers NHSN LTCF Guide to Using the COVID-19 Module The … Read More