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Master PDPM with advanced resources from Briggs Healthcare

Manage PDPM revenue impact

Leverage predictive analytics to manage impact by facility and create a PDPM-centric workflow.

With advanced PDPM software tools, you can forecast and track PDPM reimbursement levels, optimize primary diagnoses by resident or facility, predict and track CMI trends, proactively eliminate negative trends and more.

Achieve PDPM clinical accuracy

Improve clinical outcomes and PDPM accuracy with trusted Briggs documentation and resources.

Master clinical accuracy and OASIS coding compliance with industry-leading resources from Briggs. Forms and manuals are always up-to-date with new digital delivery options. Never be out of compliance again!

Outsource ICD-10 diagnosis coding

Trust the leading outsourcing experts for accurate PDPM coding, delivered in 48 hours or less.

Full-time or part-time services available for coding, MDS review and PDPM quality assurance. The industry’s best coding specialists can help you improve compliance, cost efficiency and time management.

Master PDPM concepts and changes

Gain valuable PDPM insights with free webinars, education and software tools.

Take advantage of our highly popular PDPM resources, including a FREE ICD-10 diagnosis explorer, ongoing training webinars, educational articles and blogs, and more.


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