Thanks for your interest in SimpleLTC’s Learning Lab presentations from the 2019 AANAC/AADNS conference!

We hope you found our SimpleLTC Learning Lab sessions helpful in your preparations for PDPM and Five-Star success. Below are the slides/handouts from each session. Click the images to download the files in PDF format.

Wed, Apr 3, 7:30pm

Real-world PDPM: How per-diem affects reimbursement

Wed, Apr 3, 8:00pm

Five-Star keys to success: How the math works for and against you

Wed, Apr 3, 8:30pm

How the MDS affects your PBJ

Thu, Apr 4, 9:30am

Real-world PDPM: Diagnoses and keys to optimal coding

Thu, Apr 4, 10:00am

PDPM: Coding tips for MDS staff

Thu, Apr 4, 10:30am

How the MDS affects your PBJ (repeat)

Thu, Apr 4, 1:45pm

Successful PDPM prep: A Sava case study

Thu, Apr 4, 2:15pm

Real-world PDPM: Avoiding audits